Newsletter April 2020

Message from CEO


We do understand that these are dire times so, there is the need to do more where exercising hygiene measures and listening to directives from health practitioners are concerned. As a business, we care, and we are holding out the hope that you are doing just fine considering the circumstances. We trust that this phase will pass soon, and we can’t wait to raise our glasses to the heroes at the forefront of the battle!

Here at A SMART MOVE, we retain our commitment to keeping our clients as healthy as possible and we have even reinforced our precautions where your health is concerned. As you are aware, we pride ourselves on our clean and sanitized boxes, but we are taking it a step further by utilizing medical-grade products for your added safety. 

Though confirmed reports and research shows that the COVID-19 virus can live up to 3 days on plastic, to allay your fears and concerns, we now rest our boxes for a minimum of 7 days between clients. Yes, we also encourage social distancing, so we have also put in place contactless delivery and collection which helps ours and your family stay safe.

Finally, we are doing and will keep doing our best to keep you, your families and our staff as safe and as healthy as we can. We wish to say a huge thank you for your cooperation at these trying times.

Sending you all our very best wishes for continued good health as we look forward to a time where we can all get back to doing what we love without fear, to get back to our world as we know it. Please stay safe.

- Lindsay


New products

We are pleased to announce the arrival of this little chap!

You asked for and we have added some smaller boxes (21”x15”x12) to our product range. These boxes are fantastic for collectibles, delicate items, books, and other nick-knacks. They can be ordered singularly or with the existing packages.

Find everything and more on our order page by following this link


Important Dates (April)

 As you know it, almost everything outside has been kept on hold, concerts, football games, even the Wimbledon, yes, this is monumental because it has never been postponed since its inception in the early ’90s! Even though life on the outside has been suspended, there is no shortage of fun to also have inside!

 For me, it has been a time to sort out my vast collection of memorable photographs. Oh yes, even though you have digital copies, you can still enjoy sorting them out and remembering those fun times. Enjoy a few tips and tricks to help you have a great time sorting.

Tips & Tricks

  1.     Whether you have hard copies or digital images, you will have to determine the order in which you want them stored. You may categorize by date, individual, location or your interests. This would give you a clear action line and you can get to store.
  2.     We live in 2020 and so more people have digital photos than hard copies. You can scan them into your computer either via your printer or download an app (for a list of 10 best photo scanner apps follow this link or if you have an iPhone try using the Notes section (follow this link to know how and then simply arrange them according to your chosen plan above
  3.     Hard copies can either be put into albums (yes, they still exist) or into box files such as and labeled up with a label maker for easy referencing later

Imagine how great you will feel once you have accomplished this goal - it would be picture worthy!!

Client Highlight

We had the pleasure of recently moving Constance and her family into their forever home.  Having used us previously, they were aware of our services and knew that this was the only way to move for them.  They particularly enjoyed not only the delivery and collection part of the service but not having to get rid of all those cardboard boxes afterward.  See their video testimonial here


Moving Company Highlight

We Like To Move It are movers in San Diego. They are a company you can trust and rely on to achieve any relocation service from local moving San Diego to long-distance moves. Their core goal is to provide you with the best movers in San Diego ensuring that your move starts and ends as smoothly as possible every step of the way.

They employ professional movers with years of experience to ensure that your move goes stress-free. They are top-rated, insured and licensed movers in San Diego (MTR): 0191446) following all laws and regulations of California's Public Utilities Commission, now Bureau of Household Goods and Services (BHGS). They can be reached on 619-483-1505 or visit for a free, no-obligation quote.



Plastic moving boxes have saved many people from undue stress and hardship, especially when moving between homes. For one, they are a lot less expensive than cardboard boxes and can be used over and over again. Plastic moving boxes also make for very easy and stress-free packing, as it makes it possible to compartmentalize household items effortlessly, for easy sorting later on. 

Read our blog on how they offer users many more benefits, with some of the top 5 reasons outlined below.


Realtor Highlight

James George “The British Real Estate Agent” and his team are not your ordinary Real Estate Team. They have brought together experienced real estate agents with top talents in different fields to be able to offer their clients the most forward-thinking real estate team in San Diego County.

Selling your home and finding your new home is their priority, but they also pride themselves on building friendships. Whether you're selling or buying, it’s exciting but can also be an emotional and stressful journey. By having a team that specializes in different areas, they make sure you have the right support through every step and they also try and have some fun along the way.

From first time buyers to ultimate luxury if you are looking for a real estate team who work 24/7, think outside the box and deliver results! Then they are the team for you. 

James can be contacted on 760-707-3892 or visit