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Plan a Stress-Free Move in San Diego

Plan a Stress-Free Move

Planning For a Stress-Free Move!

Moving houses is one of the most stressful life experiences, and it can quickly become overwhelming, especially in a city like San Diego. In fact, 58% of Americans say that moving is more stressful than planning a wedding. Therefore, we at A SMART MOVE have put together this useful article to us guide you as to how you can calm the chaos of moving.

Obviously, the first thing you would have done is rented your clean and sanitized boxes and any packing supplies from A SMART MOVE – so you are already onto a great start! But once that has been done – what should you do next? Outlined below are the top tips that will help ensure that moving to your new home is as stress-free as possible.

6 to 8 Weeks Prior

  • If you are a renter, read your current lease to discover for informing your landlord that you’ll vacate.
  • If you are an owner, speak to your to discuss what may be required of you in your local area like informing HOA’s or similar.
  • Decide whether your move will be DIY or if you want to hire help.
  • Research & set meetings with moving companies if you plan to hire professionals. Make sure whomever you use is fully licensed and insured to protect your possessions.
  • Have an old-fashioned paper file at hand where you can store important moving information, such as agreements you sign with a moving company.
  • Schedule a date with your moving company of choice. You should get a written confirmation of your moving date and an itinerary.
  • Inform the proper parties of your move (i.e., your child’s school, doctors, employers, and groups you belong to).
  • Transfer any insurance to your next home.

4 to 5 Weeks Prior

  • Start sorting through your stuff and begin purging things by either selling or donating them.
  • Fill out the change of address form from the Post Office.
  • Schedule cancelation or transfer of your utilities, internet or cable service.
  • Make arrangements for child and pet care.
  • Get vehicle stickers for your new location, as many towns require them.
  • Arrange for any necessary temporary storage.
  • Change your address with your bank and move accounts if necessary.
  • Start using perishable items you don’t plan to move, such as food.

2 to 3 Weeks Prior

  • Pack all nonessentials.
  • Return all those books and DVD’s that you have borrowed from family, friends & the library
  • Finish making arrangements with the utility companies, and reconfirm your date with the movers/wonderful friends who are helping you out.
  • Work out what needs to be cleaned at each property and schedule a crew to help you if need be.

1 Week Prior

  • Finish packing. Label each box with our easy-peel labels, perhaps using different color markers to distinguish what is in each box or which room it needs to go into.
  • Create an inventory of all the boxes you have. You might even want to number them. This will help you ensure you have everything after you move.
  • Pack one essentials box that has everything you need for your first night in your new places such as toothpaste and toilet paper!!
  • Fill a cleaning supplies box, you need to do some touch- ups before you leave or arrive at either property.
  • Confirm plans for pet or childcare.
  • Confirm the installation date of new utilities, internet, and cable.
  • Confirm details of moving day with your moving company or your helpers.
  • Withdraw any cash you’ll need for moving day, such as money for the movers and cash for ordering food. And then take out some more!
  • Where relevant, schedule and complete a walk-through of your old home with your landlord or Relator.
  • If necessary, see you can reserve a parking spot for moving day.

Moving Day: Your Old Home

  • Pack up your bed linens in the laundry bag you have ordered from A SMART MOVE. See below for reasons why.
  • Check every nook and cranny to be sure you didn’t leave something behind and then get someone else to double-check.
  • Take out the trash and complete any other last-minute cleaning tasks.
  • Keep pets and kids away from the action.
  • Pick up your moving truck (if you’re moving yourself) and inspect the vehicle. If you’re using your own car, make sure it’s in good condition. You don’t want to deal with car troubles on moving day.
  • Turn off all the lights and put your keys in the designated spot.

Moving Day: Your New Place

  • Arrive before the moving company or your helpers and unlock the property.
  • Prop open any gates that lead in and out of the building, so you have a safer and clearer path to your unit.
  • Where applicable, walk through with your new landlord before you start moving your boxes. Take photos and detailed notes. This is important when it comes time to get your security deposit back.
  • Start moving in boxes & take inventory of your belongings to ensure all the boxes are there and nothing visibly is damaged.
  • When you are sure that the work is complete, pay the movers and don’t forget to tip them –they have worked hard!!
  • Return any rental truck you used.
  • Take the laundry bags that hold your linens & make up the bed – if you don’t get anything else done today, at least you will get a good sleep!
  • Then, if you have the energy, get to work on anything else you want to do.

And most importantly - Enjoy your new home!

With these tips, your move is sure to be stress-free and most importantly, you would start enjoying your new home immediately. To help with making sure you have a stress-free move, A SMART MOVE provides high-quality plastic moving boxes which offer more benefit than cardboard boxes and make moving your belongings a breeze.

Place an order now or call us 858-790-8394 if you need more information.

Proudly serving the Encinitas and surrounding areas, A Smart Move is your number one moving supply specialist! 

About the author

A SMART MOVE is a family owned and operated moving company offering rentable moving boxes, professional packing and unpacking, and other moving services - all to calm the chaos of moving. Founded in 2013 A SMART MOVE is committed to providing our customers with a simple, efficient, and sustainable solution for their move.

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